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Your mobile is not a just another device. It’s your identity in a socially connected world. Make it unique. Make it yours.

Stand out from the crowd with a unique mobile cover for your device. With the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5, you can get colorful cases to make it match your personality.

There are many mobile cases available for Android devices as well. Some of them are just for protection abut there are other stylish ones that you can buy online.

Our Promise

If you get it from Luxmobile, you know its the newest, hottest designs you crave to make those high tech gadgets your own.

So be easy! You can hit the streets in confidence, knowing that as a customer of Luxmobile you’re the proud owner of a product of only the highest quality of workmanship, and style. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Our partners include globally recognized multi-billion dollar fashion brands.. You know, the ones you care about. The brands we carry are exclusive to LuxMobile.
No two phones are alike. The phone you carry says a lot about you. Shouldn’t your case do the same? Make a statement, and protect the mobile you!

Mobile Apps Are your Internal Mobile Accessory

At Lux Mobile, we focus on physical accessories for mobile phones. We strive to use the best material for durability and we use top designers to get the best look for your mobile cases.


Beyond the physical accessories, mobile apps have become a valuable part of our daily lives. The smartphone is probably one of the best inventions of this century. Because we can use mobile apps to extend the functionality of a smartphone. Are you an electrician? There’s an app to do the calculations. Are you a teacher? There’s an app to reach out to students. Are you a party-girl? There’s an app to find out the most happening venues in town. The possibilities are endless.


Entering the mobile app world.


Even with the massive growth numbers, mobile app development still stays a mysterious subject to most people. Have you ever wondered who makes these apps in the first place?


The simple answer is that anyone can make an app. But to make a high quality app, you need some experience. You can get a designer to do the app designs, ask a programmer to do the coding and then submit it to iTunes App Store and get it available on the App Store. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?


If you would like to have an app built, but don’t have any previous experience, the best option is to reach out to a mobile app company who will do the whole process for you. During the process, you will learn how to build your second app easily.


Coming up with an app idea.


This is where everyone starts. Have you ever had a problem in life, and thought ‘I wish if there’s an app for that!’. Most probably many other people have had the same problem, and they’re also waiting for someone to build the app. So this could be your opportunity to build a mobile app and release that to the app market.


Once it’s released, then you can experiment with pricing and get feedback from customers. Then use that feedback to improve the user experience and to get more downloads.


In summary, mobile app development is not a secret anymore. When you do your research and reach out to the right companies, you can get it done soon.

Skills Required For The Position Of Mobile App Designer

Responsive engineering provides correct methods to manage uncertain prospects. These are established with continuous repetition. Apps that flourish it in the market start out under the assumption of meeting customers needs. Developers work to place a small sample of the product into the market for customer input. Mobile apps offer focused functionality, creating a workable model for evaluation. Once the app is in the public forum, feedback is given. This allows developers to continue to improve. Now, work quickly to develop skills to land a job before beginning any job search.
Cross Platform Progress

Developing platforms for multiple programs is essential. Versatility is desirable. Creating a variety of devices is important in a job search. Employers are intensely probing the market for people with coding skills. Live apps are in demand for purchase. Developers need people with coding skill to make necessary changes or improvement to iSO and Android devices. These abilities acclimate employers your potential. The app is a type of resume.
Skilled Programming Abilities

Understanding programming language, HTML5, PHP and Java are critical in competing in the tech market. Proficiency in programming these languages propels a job searcher to the top of the heap. Data languages include Adobe, Objective C and Apple’s Xcode. Applying for positions with the skill to manage these dialogues is a basic requirement.

Installing Lean UX from Scratch

Programmers need familiarity with strategic design. Installing skill and beauty into a program, this is essential in attracting employers. Demonstrating an ability to develop workable designs is a priority for landing a job. Early prototyping is necessary to surmise the desires of users, the goal of proficient development. Combining skill and aesthetics is essential. Employers want core values and users want results. These skills are needed to fill vacancies in Sri Lanka.

Know Mobile Technology

Stay on top of the newest technological changes in the market. This is an introduction for a job search. Know the use of a fingerprint scanner, gyroscope, eye tracking, Low-Energy Bluetooth and voice recognition technology. The struggle for attention in the software technology industry is becoming more difficult. Software is changing each day creating a more difficult path to follow.

Use the Agile Methodologies

Agile is a conglomerate of software development, established upon technological solutions that are always changing. These changes are produced with the effort of a wide group of organizational teams. Understanding this constant development of solutions is the best means of gaining the attention of hiring managers. Researchers are spiraling deeper into space, improving the ability of industry to operate unmanned factories and creating robotic medicine. This will require coders to fill the job vacancy for any future openings.
Today’s data programs locks doors, turns off lights and operates sensitive security equipment. In order to fill a job vacancy, understanding the initial development and the maintenance of coding that brings this about. Agile is interested in people with the training and the ability to develop methods for constant improvement.