Lux Mobile Group

Your mobile is not a just another device. It’s your identity in a socially connected world. Make it unique. Make it yours.

Stand out from the crowd with a unique mobile cover for your device. With the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5, you can get colorful cases to make it match your personality.

There are many mobile cases available for Android devices as well. Some of them are just for protection abut there are other stylish ones that you can buy online.

Our Promise

If you get it from Luxmobile, you know its the newest, hottest designs you crave to make those high tech gadgets your own.

So be easy! You can hit the streets in confidence, knowing that as a customer of Luxmobile you’re the proud owner of a product of only the highest quality of workmanship, and style. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Our partners include globally recognized multi-billion dollar fashion brands.. You know, the ones you care about. The brands we carry are exclusive to LuxMobile.
No two phones are alike. The phone you carry says a lot about you. Shouldn’t your case do the same? Make a statement, and protect the mobile you!

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